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Family story - art in genes Family Mudrinich

This exhibition includes several generations of Mudrinić family whose common denominator is the drive for artistic expression.

The story dates back to the second half of the 19th century when Ljuba Mudrinić, a teacher and principal of school in Bjelovar, used her impressive drawing talent for didactic purposes. Her works from 1874 are preserved in family heritage. She personally illustrated with meticulous drawings "Practical chemistry for beginners" by I. Bertheld written with calligraphy. Descriptively, and at the same time essentially for educational purposes the drawings complement the text, allowing attentive following of content from chemistry for beginners.

With extraordinary skill in the systematically designed volume "How to learn to draw", she concisely outlined individual elements that help the user to practice drawing skills.

Ljuba Mudrinić was also active in cartography, where she precisely with individual stylistics created (still preserved) geographic map of Austria.


Her son Branko Mudrinić kept the continuity in the illustration of books. He was the chief editor of the professional magazine "Gimnastikon" where he under the pseudonym B. Mudri created numerous precisely drawn drawings from all areas of physical exercise. He composed drawings and notes of gymnastic and rhythmic compositions with a special method. Some of them were composed by composers, and the exercises were performed at the high school playground and at the rallies in Zagreb and Prague.

His interest in painting is reflected in the skilful copying of various originals which enabled him to create his own paintings with enviable skill.

After coming to Podsused near Zagreb, he created the series "Susedgrad". Even thought he was an amateur, Branko skillfully created landscapes from Susedgrad's surroundings. Tones and compositions of his painting reflect the warm atmosphere of the landscape. In his drawings, he emphasizes the volume with lines and intensifies it by slight shading. He very accurately portrays anatomy, and shows personality in portraits with a couple of lines.

Being influenced by his father Branko, Danko Mudrinić started to paint as a hobby from early youth. His themes were landscapes, vases with flowers and portraits by which he gained experience in painting. After the period of abstinence due to work, in the later phase of life (after retirement) he again dedicated himself to painting.

Encouraged by painting school of American painter Bob Ross, he again enjoys in exploring-practicing painting of landscapes. By trying to create an atmosphere of the landscape, he skilfully creates the ambiances illuminated by light which plays a significant role. He created stone rocks and trees in relief technique, emphasizing their structure.

In summary drawings, he creates the feeling of movement and establishes dialogue between characters with a playful line in the form of letters S and M.


Following in her father’s footsteps, Snježana Boyd continued the painting activity. Under the influence of her father, she enthusiastically practiced various painting techniques throughout her childhood. She mostly created drawings, which became her primary means of expression. She created compositions by linear method in which objects and space are rhythmically broken down as an expression of universal causality. She created surreal scenes of accentuated narratively and symbolism, which borne by the intensity of vision are transformed into a state of higher reality.

Within the figuration of the layers of memories and subconscious she creates an original version of fantastic realism. She creates magical and surreal scenes of accented motion and subtle vibrations. Her frequents themes are stylized world of music, birds, amoeba and various microorganisms that in collision with world of distant planets are united into space abyss. In the linearly prominent mesh structure of the space are the energy forces that connect the entire Universe. With a virtuous drawing, often filigree, she depicts the surreal world of geometric and organic shapes. Željko Čurčić



Ljuba Mudrinić ( / - 1918)


born in Zagreb (year unknown), under maiden name Amalija Podolšak (she later changed her name to Ljuba). She spent her youth with her parents in Garešnica, and afterwards moved to Bjelovar where she started to work as a teacher in school. She is considered to be the first female principal of the school. She married Nikola Mudrinić (notary public) in 1893 and had two sons with him, Milutin and Branko. She started doing the illustrations very young and later, she made and use them for educational purposes.



Branko Mudrinić (1900 – 1957)


​Born in Dubrava (district Čazma), he spent his childhood in Bjelovar. He was a member and teacher of Hrvatski sokoli, physical education teacher in II classical grammar school in Zagreb, private doctor in Zagreb and Podsused. In 1924 he founded and edited magazine “Gimnastikon” (later under the name “Physical education”) which was published for 16 year. After retirement, he moved to Volosko (Opatija) where he performed medical practice pro bono.  He has exhibited and sold paintings in youth. Later, including all other professions, he was illustrating newspapers, and he was painting. 



Danko Mudrinić (1929 – 2016)


​Born in Zagreb, where he finished classical grammar school. In 1938, he moved from Zagreb to Podsused and later in Zapresic. He dropped out from medical school and music academy because he became a popular musician and founded his band. In 1957 he moved from Zapresic to Volosko (Opatija), continued his musical career and worked in Opatija Municipality as a municipality secretary until his retirement. In his later years he moved to Rukavac (Matulji). In retirement, he changed painting from a hobby into additional earnings. 2006 he exhibited at art competition.



​Snježana Boyd - Žana​


Born in 1958 in Zaprešić, (maiden name Mudrinich) she lived in Opatija from her early childhood where she finished General grammar school. As a lover of lifelong learning, she was educated in areas of IT and economics, and studied psychology, sociology, medicine, astrology, quantum physics and alternative areas. She was a private entrepreneur since 1990. (accounting and business consulting and coacnihg). She is a founder of Association Ex Tempore Volosko for activities in arts and culture, Opatija.

She is involved in the world of painting since 2016. After a year of creating she had her first independent exhibition in Rijeka, opened a gallery-atelier, debuted at the International art competition "Mandrać" and received 1st prize in the General group. She exhibited her works at five group exhibitions, participated in humanitarian actions (sales/auction of paintings), and hadher second solo exhibition in 2018 in her gallery. Her works are located in many private collections in Croatia and abroad.

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